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Fast, Intuitive Data Access


Get access to highly targeted, relevant consumer data. Use the software platform to search and analysis on any type of consumer data with near unlimited dimensionality, regardless of data size. Narrow your consumer data to highly specific characteristics and create custom email campaigns to target your audience. Therefore, your team can be extremely productive with your marketing strategies and see better results.

  • • Collect consumer data specific for your product or organization
  • • Get results in hours, not days or weeks
  • • Create marketing strategies specific to your data
  • • Enables comprehensive guidance to insights
  • • Discover insights that are relevant and important to your brand

Data Unification

Merge information, regardless of data structure or size. Format to your needs.

We deliver a total solution to get business intelligence from your data by virtually integrating disparate databases without the need for traditional data warehouse applications or expensive OLAP analytic applications. Our service transforms all the data into information in such a way that it can be analyzed, searched and reports generated without the need for expensive systems or technical experts. The SpeedTrack patented search, analytics, and information discovery technology enables the end users to perform any ad-hoc query or analysis to get answers in seconds to the most complex questions which could not be answered using conventional technology. Lay users perform their own on-the-fly analytics and generate comparative statistics without the help of IT or any special training. This solution platform is also well suited for large-scale quantitative exploration.

To date we have applied this approach to health care, law enforcement and other information and research systems to solve a multitude of problems. We see no limits to the types of industries and sectors that can be readily served with SpeedTrack’s patented technology.

Analytical Access

Interactive guidance to every answer. Find the answers you may not have known you needed.

Our Discover solutions enable people throughout your organization to access the information they need to answer the questions that come to mind before, during, and after results are presented, gaining insights that lead to better decisions and innovations. Complex analytics are now done with a few mouse clicks, the hard questions can be answered on-the-fly and reports that usually take hours to generate can be done in minutes.

We make information contained in data accessible through an intuitive user interface which empowers people to augment their curiosity, enabling them to ask questions of their own making and design, on the fly, while inspiration and discovery are flourishing. Instant interactive feedback keeps feeding the curiosity and more questions get answered and more discoveries are made.

Our system design and capabilities support technical and non-technical users, augmenting their abilities to work with extensive amounts of structured and unstructured data. This empowers people across your enterprise to find correlations and clusters of information that advance understanding, helping to solve practical and theoretical problems. No programing or code writing skills are required to traverse information contained in your data or to identify and pursue new queries.

Intelligence Amplification

SpeedTrack’s technology allows for the augmentation of human intelligence.

People, not machines, can instantaneously recognize key relevant information that is of interest to them, or appears to be abnormal. Such an approach leads to many “Aha” moments, which represent the true value of all search and analysis. The true value is the identification of information that was previously unknown, hidden and unexpected, “You simply don’t know what you don’t know.”

By making information accessible through an intuitive user interface we empower people to augment their curiosity, enabling them to ask questions of their own making and design, on the fly, while inspiration and discovery are flourishing. No need for specialized IT training, mastering querying languages, or other typically restrictive and limiting skills or preparations.

Our patented technology can be deployed rapidly across any size enterprise, anywhere in the world to deliver actionable results on your time schedule. We get you operational in a matter of weeks not months.

Our Discover solution offers a suite of integrated solutions, empowering users to create interactive models which draw upon all of the data that is available in their system. Simple models that include all types of data including, a person, organization or real world objects identified by data can easily grow into more complex models which lead to sophisticated analyses that is then simplified to deliver a more modular process.

Analyst and users at all levels gain greater independence and empowerment to apply their Intelligence and imagination due to the simplicity and speed upon which they can test their logic, explore new hypotheses, and share their findings with influencers and decision-makers. Each stakeholder has the latest information and insights needed to update their positions, often leading to a deeper and more informed line of questions along with more than a few aha moments. With a better informed and smarter organization everyone wins and the winning just keeps on.

Fast, Intuitive Data Access Powered by: SpeedTrack

Additional Capabilities


Create or enhance your brand identity to professionally display your product or company.



Design and develop the best possible online presentation for your customers.



Present your ideas and information to your audience in a clear, visually engaging manner.



Powerful videos and imagery are essential when communicating your story.



Build an online presence and get ranked higher on Google search engines. Get the visibility you need!



Develop a following on social media platforms with an organically grown audience.



Identify strategic partnerships and opportunities and build relationships over time.



We help our clients and organizations create successful events, meet-ups and conferences.


Add to the Customer Experience

View all IQ Audience features to maximize your advertising capabilities. Reach out to Customers in highly thought out way.


Narrow down data based on consumer traits or geographical location. Create marketing strategies unique to the customer you will be advertising to.


Connect with customers while they watch videos or while in their daily routine. Get your message out to highly specific consumer profiles.

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